Cardinal Stadium Track & Field Construction Begins Nov. 13

Cardinal Stadium Track & Field Construction Begins Nov. 13

WASHINGTON – The final part of Cardinal Stadium's renovation begins this Sunday, November 13 as The Catholic University of America will install a brand new track as well as field competition areas. With construction underway, the field turf and track areas will be closed until further notice.

The new track surface is being laid down, painted and then sealed to complete the overall facility improvement project that began this past May. During this process the entire facility is off-limits to any and all activity and closed to all. 

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Cardinal Stadium Renovation: 

New field turf and track will be installed at Cardinal Stadium, while the Hanley Family Weight Room will also be overhauled. The renovations began today, Monday, May 16, closing both venues for construction until its completion on Tuesday, August 16.

New, state-of-the-art FieldTurf Revolution 360 will be installed at Cardinal Stadium. This synthetic material is named after the concept of completeness as the Revolution 360 fiber features optimal durability, resilience and feel. "It is the first complete fiber," as stated by FieldTurf.

The installation will ensure optimal performance over the years to come for all of Catholic's field sports including: football, field hockey, men's and women's lacrosse, and men's and women's soccer. 

In addition, Catholic will install an IAAF-certified BSS 300 running track. The track is noted as a durable, all-weather, flood and chip sandwich system with excellent shock absorption and the highest return of energy. It's impermeable, resilient, and fast, as noted by BSS. The Dual Durometer Sandwich system features a paved-in-place polyurethane basemat, topped with a two-component seal coat and finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane and embedded or encapsulated texture.

To go along with a new track, Catholic will also create new runways and pits for long jump, triple jump and pole vault.

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