• Have at least a 12 person roster
  • Compete in at least 2 competitions per academic year (fall-spring)
  • Be in good standing of a regional or national governing body or league (and have documentation)
  • Have an advisor on campus

Expectations of Club Sport Teams to maintain in good standing

  • Be fiscally responsible and complete all paperwork for bills/payments in a timely manner.
  • Turn in a complete roster and competition schedule no later than October 1st of the Fall semester and February 15th of the Spring semester.
  • Have all pre-participation physicals and waivers as well as hazing contracts turned in with an up-to-date roster BEFORE any practices and competition take place.
  • Complete a pre-travel form for all travel and turn it in (via e-mail) BEFORE travel occurs.
  • Complete a post travel and incident report within 48 hours of returning to campus
  • For all hosted competitions a trainer MUST be present
  • Turn in a complete annual report document to in electronic form no later than May 1st of the spring semester.
  • Specific club teams have also been notified that an EMT must be present at their hosted contests.

**Failure to abide by these requirements will put your club on a probationary status for one semester; Repeated offenses will place your club in a position of losing its club sport status**

Requirements of all Club Teams BEFORE practice or competition can begin, and no later than October 1st, 2011

  • Pre-participation Health Exam (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Complete club-participant Information Form (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Club Sports Participation Informed Consent Waiver and Release of Claims (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Off-Campus Trip Waiver (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Signed Hazing Contract (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Club Officers, advisors and coaches must attend a training program (Due Fall 2011)
  • Club Team Roster (can be cut and pasted from online roster) (Due: October 1, 2011)*
  • Registration as a club sport (September 2011) - available at Student Success Center
  • Schedule of contests/events (date, place, results) (Due: October 1, 2011)*

  *OR before your first day of practice or competition of 2011-12 school year if it falls before October 1, 2011   Additional Requirements once competition has begun

    • Pre Travel Form to be completed before every travel date
    • Post Travel/ Activity report to be completed after every contest/event
    • Incident Report to be completed immediately after each occurrence
    • Evidence of membership with a local, regional or national affiliation
    • Year end Club activity summary

--No funds will be approved unless these procedures are followed-


  • At the start of the year make arrangements to meet with Adran Reid (Due: October 1, 2011)*.
  • Collect all above required paper work; make sure that it is complete, alphabetize, attach team roster and bring it to me.  For crew: attach a separate team roster indicating the successful swim test signed by Coach Waas.(Due: October 1, 2011)*.
  • Once that is complete, requests for funds will be processed.
  • Coach, President or a designee should have an Emergency Card for every athlete at practices and games with the following information: Legal Name; SS#, emergency contact name and phone number, significant medical history, insurance information.
  • All allocations of funds will be handled as in the past by CSA.
  • All paid coaches will need to complete an EDF.
  • Acquisition for funds will be also handled as in the past and as described in the Student Organization Manual under Acquisition and Management of funds. Adran Reid will be the last to approve the request for funds.

*OR before your first day of practice or competition of the 2011-12 school year if it falls before October 1, 2011

Important Dates:

  • TBA (August/September): Student Organization Orientation Meetings
  • TBA September: Schedule meeting with Adran Reid and team leadership
  • TBA-Before October 1st practice/competition: Turn in all physical forms, waivers, and hazing contract WITH up-to-date roster and schedule
  • TBA, at least 12 hours before each competition: Pre-travel form e-mailed to:
  • TBA, no more than 48 hours after the return from competition: Post travel and incident reports e-mailed to
  • October 1st: Completed Roster and current schedule for Fall Semester
  • February 15th: Completed Roster and current schedule for spring Semester
  • May 1st: Annual Report due (electronically - via e-mail as a word document)