Criteria for Establishing a New Club Sport Team

Criteria for Establishing a New Club Sport Team

Requests to establish a new club sport team at CUA will be accepted annually from April 1 to May 30. Requests can be made by completing the "Request to start a new club sport" form and submitting it to the club sports coordinator in DuFour 205M. The request will be reviewed and either denied or moved into the second phase of the registration process by June 30. Please click HERE for the form.

If approved to move forward, the club sport team will be granted probationary status for one full academic year. While on probationary status, the team will not be eligible to receive university funds or compete against outside competition. However, the team can hold meetings and practices.

In addition, the following requirements must be met during the probationary period:

• Apply and be approved as an official Student Organization at CUA (this process will include selection of a campus advisor and election of officers)
• Maintain at least a 15 person roster for the probationary year
• Complete and submit all required paperwork and documentation by required deadlines for club sports (i.e., pre-participation health exam, club-participant information form, informed consent waiver, hazing contract, team roster, etc.)
• Attend all required club sport and student organization training sessions
• Provide documentation of a regional or national governing body or league of which the team will be a member
• Identify a coach
• Demonstrate that the club and its members can function in a responsible manner that adheres to appropriate policies and procedures and is reflective of the values and mission of CUA

At the conclusion of the probationary period, the members of the club sport team can provide the club sports coordinator with a written request to become an official university club sport team. A final decision will be rendered shortly thereafter.