CUA Athletics Sits Down with SAAC Vice President Marc Hanna

CUA Athletics Sits Down with SAAC Vice President Marc Hanna

Question: How long have you been a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee?


Marc Anthony Hanna 




April 14, 1992


Emad and Jeannine Hanna 


Bloomfiled, N.J.

High School

St. Peter's Prep



Celebrity Look-a-Like

Matthew McConaughey

Song Most Played on Your iPod

"Dark Horse" by Katy Perry

Marc Hanna: I have been a member of SAAC for three years.  I became very involved during my junior year, which led me to take a leadership role in the group during my senior year.

Q: What made you want to be apart of SAAC?

MH: When my coaches recommended me for the group, I went to check out what it involved, and the other student athletes and their goals intrigued me.  I loved how the group connected the athletes from different sports.  I also saw this as a great opportunity to help unite the athletic department with the Brookland community.

Q: As vice president, what does your role consists of?

MH: As vice president, I work with our president Walter Hickey (Men's Lacrosse) in leading the group in weekly meetings and planned events.  We are a united group, so besides being responsible for organization, there is not much separation given my role.

Q: What has been the most successful service project, and why?

MH: Recently we held an event called Field Day at CUA.  SAAC led a day of sports games and activities at the DuFour Center for local children and their families.  We filled gymnasium with student athletes who led sports activities.  This was a great way for the children of our neighborhood, Brookland, to meet and interactive with the student athletes at CUA.  This event was a huge success and a wonderful day for both the athletes and the children, and we hope to continue the tradition for years to come.

Q: What do you feel is the committee's biggest attribute to the student-athlete body?

MH: Many athletes do not take the time to interact with athletes from other sports, and personally, SAAC has allowed me to meet athletes from other teams that I may not have otherwise been introduced to.  It is a great way for athletes from all sports teams at CUA to get together and spend some time with each other.  When we plan big events for the student body and local community, it enhances the time we spend together and interaction we have with each other.

Q: What are you plans upon graduation, how has your time with the SAAC developed you professionally?

MH: After graduation I plan on becoming a special education teacher.  It is something I have been preparing for, and my time in SAAC has provided me with skills and experiences that will help me as I move forward.  Being a part of a large team like I am in SAAC has given me the opportunities to have experience with other people my age.  These experiences will be something I will carry into my career, as I will be working with people my age.  Some of the organizational and group leadership skills I have been able to enhance in SAAC will come in handy for me in my career.  Working with great, ambitious people in SAAC has given me hope that I will encounter more wonderful people in my future endeavors.

Q: How would you like to see the SAAC develop even more?

MH: In the future, I want to see the SAAC grow in numbers.  Athletes from some teams are more involved than others, and I hope that participation will become more equal across the CUA athletic spectrum.  With more people comes more great ideas, and I wish that for SAAC in the near future.

Q: What have you learned by interacting with other Student-Athlete Advisory Committees?

MH: Working with Allie Stevens (Field Hockey), our national SAAC representative, has allowed me to learn how involved SAAC is nationwide, and has given me the satisfaction of being involved in such a large and successful program.  Collectively, talking with SAAC members across the U.S has shed light on ways the CUA SAAC group can grow by learning about new ideas and concepts that have worked for others.  Having widespread cooperation and teamwork like what I have experienced as a part of SAAC has been an excellent thing to be a part of and has taught me that branching out to others, no matter the distance, can be beneficial to your particular group, whatever it may be.

The CUA baseball team (16-13) take on the Eagles of Bridgewater (Va.) Wednesday, April 16 at 4:00 p.m. in Bridgewater, Va.