Landmark Feature: Friday Focus with Bailey Lewis

Landmark Feature: Friday Focus with Bailey Lewis

WASHINGTON - Each week the Landmark Conference celebrates its talented student-athlete with a "Friday Focus." This weeks edition from the league office features The Catholic University of America baseball standout, junior Bailey Lewis.

Name: Bailey Lewis

Participating Sport: Baseball

Year: Junior

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Why did you choose Catholic: DC has so much to do and you can never be bored. This school has the major I wanted to pursue and I could make an impact on my team right away.

How did you start playing/participating in baseball: My family has had a long line of baseball players and fans, even my mother played softball. You could say I grew up loving the game of baseball.

Do you have any hobbies: I like to hang out with friends and play video games 

What is your favorite place to study: My desk at home

If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would it be: Michael Jackson, Prince, Will Smith, Steven Hart, and my Dad

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during practice or a game: I got hit in the face with a ball hit from inside the cages at practice.

Quick Hits

1. Favorite food: Chicken Parm

2. Favorite band/artist: Bruno Mars

3. Favorite TV show: Mad Men

4. Favorite book: The giving tree

5. Favorite class you've taken: Fluid Mechanics

6. Favorite place to visit/vacation: The Greek Isles

7. Favorite sport besides baseball: Soccer

8. Favorite holiday: Martin Luther King Day

9. Can't live without: Mac and Cheese


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