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All-time baseball results

The teens of the 20th century saw Wally Pipp, or "Cy" Pipp as he was known on campus, come to prominence. He would later set the major league record for consecutive games played before he was displaced by future Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig. Pipp's lifetime major league numbers included a .281 batting average, with 1,941 hits, 90 homers and 996 RBI.

Pete Noonan was the first regular coach in the program's history, and the Charlie Moran era started in 1912. Moran played for the Washington Senators and St. Louis Browns before becoming CU's coach, and later athletic director, named to the post in 1914.

1910-1919 scores

1910 (16-5)
Coach: Pete Noonan
-- Gonzaga W, 15-6
-- Randolph-Macon W, 10-2
-- Bliss W, 14-4
-- Swarthmore W, 5-2
-- Swarthmore W, 7-3
-- Maryland-Baltimore W, 10-1
-- Georgetown W, 9-1
-- Washington College W, 6-1
-- Bankers W, 12-9
-- Maryland Ag. W, 16-5
-- Eastern (Va.) W, 5-0
-- Eastern (Va.) W, 7-1
-- Rock Hill W, 3-2
-- Rock Hill W, 4-0
-- Gallaudet W, 5-0
My18 Georgetown W, 3-1
-- Mt. St. Mary?s L, 10-4
-- St. John?s (Md.) L, 10-7
-- Gallaudet L, 6-1
-- Eastern (Va.) L, 2-1
-- Frederick L, 2-0

1911 (11-7)
M25 Maryland Ag. W, 6-5
M28 Swarthmore W, 3-1
M30 at Gallaudet L, 5-4
A12 Fordham W, 7-6
A13 Bucknell W, 8-4
A15 Columbia W, 4-2
A17 Randolph-Macon W, 3-1
A18 Manhattan L, 6-3
A25 North Carolina W, 4-1
A26 North Carolina A&M L, 8-4
A29 at Rock Hill W, 7-5
M3 at Navy L, 4-3
M6 at Georgetown L, 10-8
M12 at Delaware W, 14-9
M13 at Manhattan L, 8-2
M17 Eastern (Va.) L, 5-2
M20 Rock Hill W, 8-7
M24 Georgetown W, 3-2
M27 St. John?s (Md.) ---

1912 (18-5)
Coach: Charlie Moran
M23 Baltimore Tech W, 7-1
M25 Swarthmore W, 3-2
M26 Swarthmore L, 6-3
M30 Johns Hopkins W, 18-2
A4 Vermont L, 8-1
A6 Holy Cross W, 4-2
A8 Amherst W, 5-0
A9 Trinity (Conn.) W, 12-6
A10 William & Mary W, 15-2
A13 Maryland Ag. W, 9-3
A15 Harvard L, 15-2
A19 at Washington & Lee L, 2-1
A20 at Virginia Military W, 3-0
A24 North Carolina A&M L, 2-1
M1 at Rock Hill W, 8-5
M4 Trinity (N.C.) W, 23-1
M9 at Villanova W, 8-5
M11 at Gallaudet W, 8-2
M14 Villanova W, 12-0
M16 Notre Dame W, 8-0
M18 at Navy W, 1-0
M25 Gallaudet W, 12-4
M30 Mt. St. Mary?s W, 5-3
South Atlantic Championship
Trinity (N.C.) is now Duke

1913 (16-9)
Coach: Charlie Moran
M17 at Virginia W, 8-4
M19 Penn State W, 8-4
M22 Maryland W, 11-3
M25 Holy Cross W, 9-8
M29 Swarthmore W, 9-1
M31 Lafayette W, 9-2
A1 at Washington (A.L.) L, 12-4
A4 Amherst W, 14-3
A8 Cornell W, 3-2
A10 at Baltimore (I.L.) L, 6-4
A17 at Villanova L, 4-2
A18 at Seton Hall L, 6-0
A19 at Seton Hall W, 6-0
A22 South Carolina W, 3-0
A24 North Carolina A&M W, 17-11
A26 Trinity (N.C.) W, 9-5
M1 Bucknell W, 9-2
M3 at Navy W, 4-0
M6 at NYU W, 14-2
M7 at Holy Cross L, 4-2
M8 at Harvard L, 11-7
M10 at Army L, 9-8
M22 Notre Dame L, 9-6
M24 Gallaudet W, 4-1

This was Wally Pipp's final year in a CU uniform

Head coach: Charlie Moran
M24 Maryland Ag.  
M28 Swarthmore  
M31 Lafayette  
A2 Seton Hall  
A3 Amherst  
A4 Vermont  
A6 Lehigh  
A8 at Washington Senators  
A9 Princeton  
A11 Franklin & Marshall  
A13 Fordham  
A14 Yale (at Norfolk)  
A15 at Virginia  
A18 Eastern (Va.)  
A20 Harvard  
A23 North Carolina A&M  
A25 Ursinus  
A28 North Carolina  
M6 Villanova  
M9 at Navy  
M12 West Virginia Wesleyan  
M15 Notre Dame  
M18 at Villanova  
M19 at TBA  
M20 at Rutgers  
M21 at Fordham  
M22 at Seton Hall  
M23 at Army  
M26 Gallaudet  
M30 TBA  

Head Coach: Charlie Moran
M24 Maryland Ag. W, 4-1
M27 at Gallaudet W, 6-3
M31 Vermont W, 9-8 (10 inn.)
A1 Lehigh W, 4-3
A3 Holy Cross rain
A5 Penn State rain
A7 Johns Hopkins W, 3-1
A10 West Virginia W, 9-2
A16 Rock Hill W, 5-1
A17 at Virginia rain
A22 Harvard W, 2-1 (10 inn.)
A24 Ursinus W, 8-2
A28 Villanova W, 7-4
M5 Washington & Lee
M8 at Navy L, 4-2
M12 Western Maryland
M14 at Swarthmore
M15 at Villanova
M19 at Navy
M22 Gallaudet
M26 Bucknell
M29 Swarthmore
M31 at Lehigh W, 6-5
J5 at Army L, 6-1

1916 (13-8)
Head coach: Charlie Moran
M25 Gallaudet W, 7-2
M30 at Senators L, 9-0
A1 Rock Hill W, 4-3 (12 inn.)
A4 Randolph-Macon W, 3-0
A15 Tufts L, 2-1 (11 inn.)
A18 Boston College W, 4-0
A19 Lehigh L, 6-5
A20 Harvard W, 11-8
A22 Holy Cross L, 5-0
A24 Yale W, 3-2
A26 North Carolina W, 4-3
A29 Ursinus W, 4-0
M1 at Villanova L, 5-4
M2 at Swarthmore L, 8-1
M3 at Lehigh W, 5-4
M4 at Boston College W, 3-0
M5 at Holy Cross W, 3-1
M6 at Tufts L, 10-2
M9 Villanova W, 7-2
M10 at Navy L, 2-1
M16 Maryland Ag. W, 5-1
M20 at Navy L, 7-4


1917 (5-2)
Head coach: Charlie Moran
M24 Rock Hill rain
M28 Colby ccd
M31 Gallaudet W, 8-0
A3 Amherst L, 9-8
A4 Lafayette W, 6-0
A5 Syracuse rain
A7 Holy Cross W, 3-2 (11)
A10 Penn State L, 2-1
A11 Johns Hopkins W, 4-1
A14 Gallaudet W, 6-3
Remainder of season cancelled, WWI
A19 vs. Harvard  
A21 Tufts  
A25 Mt. St. Joseph?s (Md.)  
A28 Villanova  
A30 at St. Anselm?s  
M1 at Harvard  
M2 at Tufts  
M3 at Boston College  
M4 at Holy Cross  
M5 at Army  
M9 at Gallaudet  
M12 Swarthmore  
M16 Bucknell  
M17 at Villanova  
M19 at Navy  


1918 (5-6-1)
Head coach: Charlie Moran
M27 Gallaudet W, 4-3
A4 Holy Cross T, 2-2
A7 Lehigh W, 5-3
A10 Mt. St. Joseph?s (Md.) L, 4-3
A13 Villanova W, 3-2
M3 Villanova L, 3-2
M4 Army L, 9-4
M9 Maryland W, 3-2
M11 Johns Hopkins L, 4-3
M13 Mt. St. Mary?s L, 2-1
M16 Mt. St. Joseph?s (Md.) W, 5-0
M22 at Navy L, 5-0