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The first football game played in school history was on Nov. 28, 1895, against Mt. St. Mary's College in Emmitsburg, Md. The game sparked a continuing tradition of great football, interrupted over the past century only by the threat of war. This game story, portions of which are reproduced here, appeared in The Mountaineer, Mt. St. Mary's student newspaper, in December 1895.

The annual Thanksgiving Day foot-ball game came off on November 28, the Catholic University Eleven, six of whom were old Mountaineers, being the visitors.

The day was rather warm for hard foot-ball playing, and consequently neither team seemed to play with much snap or vim. Mt. St. Mary's labored under a disadvantage, however, in being unable to play fast, on account of the disputes which frequently arose. The College eleven played its usual fine game, showing splendid team work in bucking the line and in interference. It would be hardly just to say which one played the best game, since all played good football.

For the visitors, Jackson, McTighe, and W. Cashman excelled in running and interference. Guilfoile's long run for a touchdown was of the sensational order, and pleased his many friends. J.J. O'Brien and Henry O'Connor were noticeable in all the plays, and put up such a game as they have often done before on the same field. McBaine and Henry excelled in tackling and in dropping on the ball. Quinn, Burroughs, and Hernandez, although new at the game, showed up very well, and with a little more experience will make good players.

1895 (0-1-0)
4 Mt. St. Mary's 12
1897 (score not recorded)
? Opponent unknown ?
1905 (0-0-1)
0 Brookland Athletic Club 0
1906 (1-0-0)
7 Gallaudet 0
1907 (0-1-0)
5 Rhode Island Medical College 6
1909 (3-1-0)
0 Department of Agriculture 6
16 Kendall Athletic Club 0
15 Bliss School 0
30 Potomac Athletic Club 0
1895-1909 Total (4-3-1)









First down Mt. St. Mary's ball on University 15-yard line. Rattigan, aided by good interference, gained 5 yards around the left end. Kenna bucked the right tackle for 4 yards gain. This brought the ball on the University 6-yard line. F. Cashman was sent around the end for a touchdown, but slipped before he could make it. This was a very unfortunate slip, as he would certainly have made a touchdown. Kenna dropped back for a try at goal, but missed it by a few feet. Immediately after kicking the ball Kenna rushed behind the goal posts and tried to jump on the ball. He rolled over the ball, but Curtin fell on it, scoring a touchdown for Mt. St. Mary's. Kenna failed to kick a goal.
Score: Mt. St. Mary's, 4; Catholic University, 0. (halftime) Time, 25 minutes. Time was called immediately after the touchdown had been made.

(In the second half) McTighe kicked off to Denis Murphy on the 10-yard line, Murphy gaining 10 yards before he was downed. Rattigan failed to gain around the right end, but Dan Murphy gained 5 yards around the left end, making first down on the 25-yard line. Kenna bucked the centre, gaining 2 yards. Rattigan was sent through the left tackle for 14 yards gain, and Murphy gained 2 yards around the end. Kenna bucked the right guard for 5 yards gain, and Rattigan plunged through the right tackle for 6 yards. Kenna went through the same place for 1 yard, and Dan Murphy bucked the other tackle for 3 yards more. Dan Murphy, aided by the Pennsylvania interference, gained 20 yards around his own end. Rattigan made a double pass to Murphy, but Jackson downed him with a loss of 5 yards. F. Cashman kicked to W. Cashman on the 25-yard line, Curtin downing him before he could advance the ball. Jackson bucked the right tackle, but could gain only one-half yard. In the next play Malloy broke through, Kennedy falling on the ball. Kenna plunged through the left tackle for 4½ yards. University received the ball on downs. Malloy broke through, spoiling the pass, and fell on the ball. First down on the 20-yard line. Rattigan gained 12 yards around the end. Kenna bucked the right guard, gaining 4 yards. University held Mt. St. Mary's for two downs. Kenna foolishly tried for a goal, but failed, the ball striking the line. Henry jumped for the ball but missed it. Guilfoile picked it up on the 18-yard line and, aided by good interference, made a 92-yard run, scoring a touchdown. McTighe failed to kick goal.
Score: Mt. St. Mary's, 4; Catholic University, 4. Time, 7 minutes.

Kenna kicked off to Cashman on the 15-yard line, Curting tackling him before he could gain. McTighe tried to buck the line, but lost 1 yard. W. Cashman made a double pass to Jackson, but Kennedy downed him with a loss of 8 yards. This downed the ball on the 6-yard line. McTighe went behind the goal posts for a punt, but the line broke through, stopping the kick. O'Brien fell on the ball, scoring a safety.
Score: Mt. St. Mary's, 6; Catholic University, 4. Time, 4 minutes.

McTighe kicked out from the 25-yard line to F. Cashman, on Mt. St. Mary's 45-yard line. Cashman downed the ball with 5 yards gain. Rattigan gained 1 yard around the end, and Dan Murphy went around his own end for 15 yards. Kenna gained 8 yards through the centre, and Rattigan gained 5 more through the same place. Dan Murphy gained 8 yards through the right tackle. F. Cashman made a long pass to Denis Murphy, who gained 8 yards. Repeated gains through the tackles, and an off-side play by W. Cashman brought the ball to the 4-yard line, when Rattigan was sent through the right tackle for a touchdown. Kenna kicked goal.
Score: Mt. St. Mary's, 12; Catholic University, 4. Time, 6 minutes.

McTighe kicked off to Rattigan on the 10-yard line, who was down with 6 yards gain. In the scrimmage following Rattigan gained 5 yards through the tackle. Kenna gained 2 yards by bucking the centre. On a double pass F. Cashman made 20 yards; and immediately afterwards Dan Murphy added 30 yards more to it by a long run. Dan Murphy bucked the right tackle for 9 yards and Rattigan plunged into the same hole for 5 more. Dan Murphy gained 8 yards around the end, and affairs were progressing merrily when time was called, the ball being on the 12-yard line. Score: Mt. St. Mary's, 12; Catholic University, 4.

Summary: Touchdowns: Curtin, Guilfoile, Rattigan. Goals kicked: Kenna, 1. Length of halves, 25 and 20 minutes. Umpire, Mr. Connelly. Referee, Mr. Mott. Linesman, E. Cashman. Attendance, 564.