Opening Day nerves were washed away with a huge six-run inning, highlighted by triples by the left side our infield, Joe Maca and Joe Devine. From the start, it is clear that this team has more confidence than teams in years past. With 45 guys the dugout was loud throughout the game. Today, we did the little things right, sacrifice bunts (Tommy Little), sacrifice flys and two-out-RBI (Cory Hudson). Multiple times we were presented with opportunities to score runs and put the game out of reach. After fouling off multiple pitches, Mike Goodman hit another foul ball in reach of the first basemen. The first basemen dropped the ball giving Goodman a second life, and on the next pitch, our DH hit a sacrifice fly. Once again, in the past, success in these situations has eluded us. This is a different team this season, and we started the trip off the right way, a 7-1 win featuring solid pitching from Andrew Moldawer and Matt Valerio. Later that afternoon, our JV squad defeated a junior college team from North Carolina 2-1, where solid pitching and clutch defense held the lead from inning one.

-Bobby Picardo