Cheerio from England! Today was a brilliant day for football.  The sun was shining (not hailing), and our Cards had their training faces on, ready for another morning's session.  Unlike the day before, we practiced outside on the turf.  The pitch was a little faster than usual.  The wind factor didn't play to our favor either.  But with positive attitudes and improving technical skills, we overcame the challenge and had a successful training session.

After training, our team ventured to the lovely city of Liverpool.  As a team we visited various historical sites; two of which were the Liverpool Cathedral and the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral.  Both were beautiful.  Since the distance between the cathedrals was a pretty long stroll, we had to find a way to entertain ourselves.  We decided the best way to do this was to catch the pigeons around us.  Being novice pigeon catchers, we were unsuccessful in this task, which probably made our coaches pretty happy. 

After our two hour educational excursion, the coaches decided that free time was appropriate by the docks in Liverpool.  Here, there were several choices we could participate in.  We could go sight-see around the water (which resembled the Baltimore Inner Harbor), go to the Beatles museum or go shopping at the City Centre.  Of course, being girls, many of us chose to go shopping!  Once we finally found the centre we were in complete awe of all the trendy clothes and amazing shoes.  Others who went to the Beatles museum came back with memorabilia which will be a big hit among their families and friends.

All and all, today was buckets of fun. Is it Sunday yet?  Just kidding.  Hope you don't mind our new British humor coming in here.  On a side note Jackie, who had an amazing performance in yesterday's game, would like to inform all who reads that she once again defeated Nap in yet another chess match (yawn). Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear all about our victory against Liverpool University.

- Alix McDonald #6 & Jennie Ritter #19