Today was a jam-packed day for the team, starting off with a 7:15 a.m., wakeup call.  Breakfast at 7:30 consisted of the normal eggs as well as a new addition of French toast, or "eggy bread," as Adam called it.  An unofficial team consensus has the English version of French toast slightly superior to the American version!  Since we would not be returning to the hotel until 11 at night, we spent the rest of the time before getting picked up by the bus packing clothes and supplies we would need for practice, our match and the following Liverpool FC game. 

Training this morning outside with Mike and Neil was light due to our match shortly after practice at 2 p.m.  After a brief warm-up jog, with a little game of head-catch mixed in, we stretched and commenced the rest of training.  Today, we focused on wall passing and the strengths of using them in games.  We started with some simple drills and then moved on to more complex ones incorporating more pressure and multiple wall passes in a row.  For the last twenty minutes of practice we played a small-sided game; goals could be scored by an actual goal or by the completion of a wall pass.  Neil led the orange team to the defeat of Mike and the green team by a score of 10-9 (we were on the winning team). 

Our 2 p.m., match was at the University of Liverpool.  The blustery English afternoon (cloudy and windy) was great for some football.  We were pleased to see some of our devoted parents in attendance and were excited for the chance to showcase some of our new moves.  Suzie Peters struck first for the Cardinals, and the score was tied 1-1 at the half.  With the second half came new determination and we pulled away with two goals from Diana Spadaro and Kelly Donnelly to win 3-1.  After the game we gave our CUA flags to the Liverpool team and took some group pictures. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing and preparing for the big professional game at 8 p.m.  We had the opportunity to see Liverpool host West Ham in an English Premier League battle.  We were psyched to witness the amazing atmosphere at Anfield Stadium, and were not disappointed.  At the start of the game all the fans sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" the team anthem as Liverpool walked out onto the pitch. There were other numerous chants throughout the game, like one for the coach, Rafael Benitez, one for forward Fernando Torres, as well as one for team captain, Steven Gerrard.  The result of the game was 4-0 in favor of Liverpool, with Torres scoring a hat trick and Gerrard scoring the final goal.  It was a huge win for Liverpool because it got them back in the running for a Champions League spot.  We can't wait to see another game on Saturday against Newcastle!

- Tere Rossi #18 & Chelsea King #21