Greetings from England. This is Michelle and Helene checking in to say "Chip, chip, cheerio". Today was quite eventful, and pleasurable as always. We started off the day with a wonderful breakfast made by Adam and Leslie. It was delicious. Then we were off to training at the academy with Mike and George (or Ian, who really knows these days?). Training was great! We added three "mas" skills to the six moves we learned already.  I say "mas" because our own Kelly Alt has joined us from Spain today - it means "more" for all you non-Spanish speakers.

After we left the academy we enjoyed another terrific sandwich lunch on the bus, with butter and mayo, that's how they do. It was then off to Anfield to tour the stadium. It was quite intriguing, learning a lot about the club history and the "Game Heard Round the World" - the greatest comeback ever when Liverpool won the 2005 European championship. Yeah son!!! We then spent a good amount of time in the LFC Mega Store and drooled over pictures of Torres and Gerrard. We came back to the good old Aaron Hotel in Southport, ate the largest portion of lasagna that we have ever seen and some custard rollie pollies. We proceeded to have team bonding up in room number "ocho" and had a few good laughs as we assigned team superlatives for the trip. We had a great time, and decided to call it a night. All in all, a great day!  Life is good, only two days left before flying home on Sunday.

Quote of the Day: "England is my calling.  I'm not going back.  JP, sell my ticket!" - Jennie Ritter


- Helene Nicoletti #2 & Michelle Spadaro #9