Our Friday started off just like all the other days with a scrumptious breakfast made by the one and only Adam.  I believe most of the team opted for the "eggy bread" but some of us ventured off and had the fried eggs.  We got ready in record time after breakfast to get on our brand new, non-smelling coach bus where we are now able to stand up and chew gum any time we want to.  When we arrived at the Liverpool Academy at 9:30 a.m., we met with the assistant director of the academy, Hugh McAuley, for a captivating talk about the process of making it to the top level of soccer at Liverpool.  After the talk we made it outside into the blistering cold to play on the "soft and cushiony" AstroTurf for a session on shooting.  It was a bittersweet last day knowing that we would never see our magnificent trainer Mike again.  After saying our goodbyes at the academy, we enjoyed a pasta lunch back at the hotel, then thankfully had free time in Southport.  Some girls decided to shop while the smarter ones took a nap.  At 5:15 p.m., it was on to Formby to play our final soccer game of the trip against a club team from Liverpool called Paris Girls FC.  Everyone came into the game a little nervous knowing that their coach had scouted our other two games during the week and had added extra players to his team because he knew how AWESOME we are.  I don't think I can really describe how cold it was during the game. The wind was blowing so hard that everyone was frozen. With tons of pulled muscles and aching bodies we pushed through to win the game 3-2.  After our exciting victory and a recap of our exhilarating week in England in the trailer they call a locker room, we came back to enjoy a delicious fish and vegetable dinner (we didn't forget about Friday during Lent).

- Diana Spadaro #8