"Raf-a RAFAEL, Raf-a RAFAEL, Rafa- RAFAEL, RAFAEL BENITEZ!"  Finally a day off!!!   

To finish off  a week of arduous training and competitive games the girls went to see Liverpool shut out Newcastle 3-0 in front of a sold-out 45,000 person crowd at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool. The CUA girls fit right in with the home team crowd since they knew many of the chants from their first Liverpool game. Me, on the other hand, had a hard time catching up! It was only my first Liverpool game since I came in from Spain on Thursday, and the experience I've had the past three days has surely been worth the ten hours and three flights to three different countries that it took me to get here!  

Since today was the first day off from training and our last day in England, we were able to sleep late, enjoy a  homemade breakfast and spend the morning walking around Southport and shopping for last minute gifts and souvenirs to bring home to our families. The girls couldn't have been happier to give their bodies some R & R... and neither could I! One training session at the academy and one game and I was feeling their pain!  We finished our last English dinner with a big thank you and round of applause for Adam and his wife Lesley for providing with great hospitality and delicious cooking during our week at the Aaron Hotel. We also left them with a CUA women's soccer scarf to remember us all. The grand finale of our week ended with a three team competitve bowling tournament at the Southport pier. Part of the participation requirements were unique uniforms and team names. Team DUCKS led by Elyse and Suzie sported our new yellow ponchos and Spandex pants, team ROCK OUT wore their complete CUA home uniforms while the two-game champions SPANISH PRIDE (my team, of course) wore their adidas dry-fit practice uniforms and pigtails. Bowling MVP goes to freshman goalkeeper Amanda Cowan who ended her second game with eight strikes in a row!  

I know we're all a little bit sad to leave Southport, but its back home to the U S of A tomorrow for the soccer team, and back to warm weather in southern Spain for me.  Adios, England!   

- Kelly Alt #4