Allen Named Vice President for Student Affairs

Allen Named Vice President for Student Affairs
WASHINGTON - I am pleased to announce that after a national search, I have appointed Michael S. Allen, Ph.D., currently associate vice president and director of athletics at the University, as our new vice president for student affairs, effective Aug. 15, 2013. Most of you know of the outstanding work Mike Allen has done in the eight years he has served as the University’s athletic director. Under his leadership our athletic programs have thrived on the playing field. More important, they also have provided our student athletes with a deeply fulfilling, well-rounded collegiate experience.

As vice president, Mike Allen will be responsible for the overall excellence of the University’s student affairs programs. He will plan, direct, and manage all programs and human resources in the Division of Student Affairs. This will include the Office of Student Affairs, the Counseling Center, Student Health Services, the Office of Disability Support Services, the Office of Career Services, Campus Activities, Student Conduct, Residence Life, and Athletics.

Members of the campus community may be less familiar with Mike’s successful track record working in and leading student-centered support programs here and over the course of a dozen years in his previous positions at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Connecticut. Mike also served during our most recent accreditation as the chair of the Middle States self-study subcommittee on student life. As our athletic director, he introduced programs in conjunction with Campus Ministry for student athletes that fostered service and faith development, including Catholic Athletes for Christ.

A successful vice president for student affairs must demonstrate an ability to work well with and complement the academic community. Michael Allen has shown during his years here, and at the other universities where he has worked, the skills and the experience to do this effectively. He has designed and administered programs to promote the adjustment of new students to college life, supervised professional counseling staff members, taught in First-Year Experience courses, and served as liaison with multicultural affairs, admissions, and various student affairs offices. He has built bridges throughout campus to enhance the overall collegiate experience and success of students.

Another important qualification of the new vice president for student affairs is the ability to manage a substantial budget and make good business decisions. That too is a strength that Mike Allen possesses. As athletic director he has had to make wise business decisions, with implications for his programs, each day. During his tenure here he ably oversaw a multimillion-dollar renovation of our athletic facilities and playing fields.

It is gratifying to identify and be able to hire a superbly qualified candidate from within our ranks to fill a key position. For this particular position, it was very important to hire someone who understands and is committed to the mission of the University. In Mike Allen we have that person and are fortunate that his transition to this new role should be seamless.

I look forward to seeing great things from the Division of Student Affairs with Michael Allen at the head. I ask that you join me in offering him your prayers, encouragement, and other support in the years to come.


John Garvey