Catholic University breaks service hours goal

WASHINGTON - On Jan. 24, the Catholic University community achieved the University’s goal of recording 125,000 hours of charitable service.

Of the accomplishment, President John Garvey said, “Last spring we invited the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of The Catholic University of America to join us in a Cardinal Service Commitment to perform 125,000 hours of service in celebration of our 125th birthday.

“It is with great pride in our student body — past and present — as well as our staff and faculty that I learn that we have surpassed that goal with nearly two and a half months to spare. Such an accomplishment, imbued as it has been with enthusiasm and the spirit of charity, expresses the heart of our mission as The Catholic University of America: to live in service to our Church and nation.”

As of Jan. 25, the number of service hours recorded has reached more than 135,000. The final tally will be announced on CUA’s campus on Founders Day, April 10.

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