Brendan Englert

May 31, 1992-April 25, 2013












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Brendan Englert, a junior mechanical engineering major and member of the men’s lacrosse team from Fayettville, N.Y., passed away, following an April 22, 2013 accident involving a motor vehicle in northern Virginia.

“It is our sad duty to mourn the loss of a young member of our University community,” said University President John Garvey. “Please keep Brendan, his family, friends, and teammates in your prayers at this painful time. May they and we find comfort in our faith that promises eternal life and in the knowledge that Brendan has been entrusted to God’s loving care.”

Englert was named the 2013 Landmark Conference Player of the Year and a USILA Division III All-American. In 2012, he earned Second Team All-Conference and Rookie of the Year honors as a freshman. He is now second in all-time career points for the Cardinals. 


My Little Brother, Brendan

By Kaitlin Englert 

Read at Brendan's memorial service on May 3, 2013

Thank you all for being here today. I wanted to tell you a little bit about my brother, so I figured I would start at the beginning.

My brother and I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. When my mom was pregnant with him, she had horrible morning sickness. Not only did I not like whatever thing was inside of her causing that, but I was also pretty adamant on the fact that I did not want a brother. When I got the phone call from the hospital with the news that Brendan was born, I threw the phone and screamed “It’s a brother!” and cried with disappointment. But when I went to go see him at the hospital, it was love at first sight. And it’s been all love ever since.

He’s been our rock, our pest, our star, the kid who wouldn’t take his hard hat off even when he went to sleep.

The kid who put soda in his cousin Kealy’s bottle when he was 2 because she didn’t like the milk she was given.

The kid who rushed to his cousin Christopher’s college lacrosse game in the bitter cold, the cousin who texted me the day of the Boston Marathon bombings because he was so afraid that Meaghan had been there.

The man who called his mother every day and left her long voicemails full of “I love you’s and I miss you’s” if she wasn’t able to pick up. 

The son who was his Dad’s pride, joy, and golf partner, the brother who tickled Colleen till she peed her pants.

The grandson who kept his grandfather glued to a computer screen watching game updates of every Catholic lacrosse outing.

He was the kid that never had a clean pair of pants.

He was a neighborhood brother who had a sign he would give to his friends when he “needed to eat”, he was simply the kid who constantly needed to eat.

He was the cousin who Jack would see pictures of wearing his belongings that he had been looking all over for. In fact, Jack was looking for his sports coat yesterday and by process of elimination, we realized that Brendan is actually wearing it right now.

He was the kid who pranked me at work, the brother who was the only boy at Quinn’s birthday in November and loved every minute of it.

He was the one making the goofy faces, the kid who duck-taped his roommates bed to the ceiling and waited around all day for him to come back because he just couldn’t bear the thought of missing Kyle’s reaction.

The nephew who loved his aunts and looked up to his uncles. The one who I’m sure is so happy to be reunited with his aunt and dear friend Nancy, he was the nephew who loved hearing his Uncle Mark’s golf tricks.

He was the guy on campus with the dog in his passenger seat, the boy who loved his girlfriend Danielle, he was the bro, the handsome one in the pink shirt, the one who wore out the diving board at Smith Mountain Lake in the summers.

He was the loud one blasting country music, the friend who couldn’t wait to get home to see his childhood buddies.

He was the boy who cried when I woke him up to say goodbye before I departed for college for the first time. The boy I couldn’t wait to introduce to my boyfriend.  The grandson who made his grandma Janet stop in her tracks when she noticed him always acknowledging a new person in the room.

The little toddler who always said “I love you too” even if he was the first to say “I love you”, because he thought that was his line.

He was the one that always made people feel welcome. He was an amazing athlete and an even more amazing friend. He was everyone’s teammate. He was number 3, He was you and he was me.

When I wake up, I feel a hole, I feel bad about outliving my brother, but the reality of it is that he outlived me, he outlived us all. He packed 80 years into 20, and I admire him endlessly for that. We still had a lot of things left to do together, but I will bring him everywhere. He is my heart, my soul, my mind, my little daredevil, and my little brother. I will cherish all of that forever.

When he played in high school, and his FM team lost in sectionals, I cried like a baby. It was SO embarrassing that my brother was actually consoling me. He came up to me and said “I know Kait, I know you hate to lose”. But that wasn’t it, that wasn’t it at all. As much as I hate to lose, I was crying tears at the fact that his High School career was over and a phase of his life came to an end.

That’s the thing about Brendan, every phase of his life was unforgettable. He was a blast, a real treat, and an absolute game changer. But he will be around, you’ll see him. You’ll see him when someone gets that ground ball to keep you in the game, or scores that goal to push into overtime. You’ll see him when someone is consoling the inconsolable, or reaching out to the unreachable. He will be everywhere


By Brooks Singer, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach

Read at Brendan's memorial service on May 3, 2013

Brendan had SUCH a lasting effect on people...his parents and family will likely tell you this was a wonderful quality, yet with his practical jokes sometimes maybe not so good.  At CUA we saw how emotional his friends and teammates have been over the last couple of weeks, how he touched our entire University community evidenced the huge turnout at last Friday’s mass held in his honor, and by the outpouring of support and tributes by our fellow CUA teams.
That lasting effect on people is evident here in his hometown as well.  Here, we saw people waiting for hours on line yesterday during calling hours, and hundreds of people paying their respects to the family upon their return home from the DC area, and your hometown FM teams paying tribute to Brendan.  Whether it is back at CUA or here, in some way Brendan has touched so many lives. 

At CUA, we watched Brendan show up as kid, and grow to become a young man.  We saw it on and off the lacrosse field.  Although his Mom almost collapsed when the Dean at CUA told her how Brendan had worked to become a solid Engineering student, she was filled with pride.  And Brendan’s Dad, always on the sidelines of our games, watched with pride as Brendan became a leader on the team.  Yet his quality of always being nice to everyone he met, in his classes and on the team, that never changed! 
We share the feelings about this senseless tragedy.  We question why this happened to such a special person like Brendan and such an amazing family.  We wonder how we can be expected to move forward now with such sadness in our hearts.  We all feel the pain knowing that we are not going to be able to bring Brendan back to us.  Yet, we share that we do NOT need to look any farther than to Brendan himself to find the tools we need to get by today, and to look forward to tomorrow.
Brendan's smile showed us how to truly ENJOY LIFE.  His smile was part happiness, part Mischievous, and part you just did not know what he was going to do next.  Whether it was listening to music at full volume, throwing sand in his cousins faces at the beach, enjoying pizza/mountain dew/and his Mom’s cookies, OR doing a backflip after a game-winning goal, Brendan knew how to ENJOY LIFE.  We all now share that he passed that on to each of us!

Brendan's strength and ability to succeed no matter what the odds, showed us what it truly meant to be STRONG.  We look at Brendan's amazing parents, grandparents, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Is it easy to see where he developed such strength! We all know he was not the biggest kid on the roster.  However, no matter what challenge he faced or how big the defender, he used this strength that was so much bigger than his size to succeed.  We all now share that he has passed that on to each of us!
And Brendan's heart showed us what it truly means to LOVE.  His heart was as big as life itself! And everyone who was lucky enough to get to know Brendan knows the love and passion he always was willing to give.  Even when times were tough, he found some way, no matter how silly or unique, to pass on that love.  No matter how beat up in a game, he would still offer a hand to an opposing player to help them off the ground.  We all now share that he has passed that on to each of us!
We all THANK Brendan’s family for giving us the gift to know Brendan.  We MUST honor him by using the tools he gave us, so that he can live on through each of us!  We OWE this to Brendan and his family!  
Enjoy LIFE, be STRONG, and give as much LOVE as possible!  We will play again with Brendan always with each of us!  We all MUST celebrate that smile!

I would like to conclude by honoring Brendan with what the military calls the “final roll call” for our teammate we have lost.  Can I have ALL members of the Cardinals Lacrosse team announce your presence by saying the word "PRESENT".  Brendan Englert.  Brendan Englert.  #3 Attackman from Fayetteville, NY Brendan John Englert.

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