Men's soccer partners with D.C. United's United Soccer Club

Men's soccer partners with D.C. United's United Soccer Club

WASHINGTON – On April 19, 2012, the Catholic University men's soccer team volunteered in the local community at Turkey Thicket Recreation Center in Brookland.  The team partnered with D.C United's United Soccer Club. 

United Soccer Club's mission is to introduce the sport of soccer to youth in inner city and underprivileged communities of the greater Washington, D.C. area.  CUA Assistant Coach David Sanford has worked closely with D.C. United and runs the site for USC.

Members of the CUA team planned and carried out a 90-minute training session for the kids at Turkey Thicket.  USC's Program Manager Michael Vaughan-Cherubin thinks highly of the new partnership.

"It's all tied up together," he said.  "We want our kids to see themselves as student-athletes.  In fact, our curriculum's first lesson teaches them just that.  Our partnership with Catholic University proves to kids that if you work hard in school and on the field, you can have success in life."

He added, "For our kids to see successful student-athletes first-hand is an incredible opportunity for them.  They not only get a chance to learn soccer from a great bunch of CUA players, but more importantly, can witness how soccer and education extend for them into the future.  Yes, soccer can open many doors, but taking care of their business in the classroom is most important." 

Vaughan-Cherubin then spoke about how the partnership between CUA and United Soccer Club came about.  "It occurred to me in 2011 that just across the train tracks from our little soccer program at Turkey Thicket there was high-level soccer being played at Catholic University.  From that moment on, I knew I wanted to bring the two ends of the soccer spectrum together for mutual betterment."

Vaughan-Cherubin and Cardinals Head Coach Travis Beauchamp fully intend to grow this partnership and continue to make a difference in children's lives across the district.