OSV Newsweekly Feature: Hoisl Prioritizes Everything

OSV Newsweekly Feature: Hoisl Prioritizes Everything

WASHINGTON - In their latest issue of Newsweekly, Our Sunday Visitor put an emphasis on the unique challenges that student-athletes face today. The Catholic University of America senior softball captain Rebekah Hoisl took the time to share her message for freshmen about to start the collegiate journey.


"You Have to Prioritize Everything"
 by Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller 

Becky Hoisl of West Hartford, Connecticut, has felt the pressures student-athletes face in their double roles on campus. First and foremost, she said, "You're a student before you are an athlete.

That's the message that she shares when she meets with athletes at the beginning of each academic year.

Hoisl, 21, is a senior education major at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She also is senior captain of the women's softball team and president of the campus chapter of Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC).

"Being on an athletic team is a commitment all year 'round, even in the off-season," she said. "In the in-season, the commitment picks up more. There are girls on my team who are in nursing, physics and business who are trying to balance their studies with softball, their social life and spiritual life. Anything else that you try to do on campus is a challenge. You have to prioritize everything to make time for things that you have to do as well as things that you want to do so that you can enjoy your college experience. Many people that I've spoken to said that fitting in your faith life is definitely a challenge, too."

Prioritizing was her biggest challenge in her freshman year, especially making time for a faith life that she said she was still developing. 

Keeping up with grades is also a challenge. Student athletes have to maintain minimum grade levels, and those who have scholarships can also lose that aid if their grades drop past the required average.

Hoisl had attended a public high school and wasn't familiar with campus ministry. It didn't take her long to feel at ease among familiar faces and to realize how much support there was for student athletes. Her faith was strengthened with the service projects and the many opportunities for adoration, praise and worship events. There are enough Masses scheduled so that no matter how busy an athlete is with juggling sports, academics and social life, there's usually an opportunity to attend.