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CUA Basketball Catholic Game-by-Game Highs (as of Feb 20, 2007) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Methodist 11/17/06 76-73 W 22-Jackie DeBorg 7-Kristen Linde 4-Maria Rojas 3-Justine Gray 1-Kristen Linde vs Averett 11/18/06 71-62 W 22-Kate Robinson 15-Kate Robinson 5-Jackie DeBorg 3-Shea Macdonal 1-Kristen Linde Maria Rojas at The College of NJ 11/21/06 61-73 L 24-Jackie DeBorg 6-Maria Rojas 8-Maria Rojas 2-Maria Rojas None Justine Gray at The University of Scra 11-25-06 51-71 L 12-Jackie DeBorg 8-Kate Robinson 2-Shannon Mertz 4-Kate Robinson 1-Kate Robinson Kate Robinson Jackie DeBorg ST. MARY'S (MD.) 11/29/06 66-60 W 20-Maria Rojas 7-Kristen Linde 5-Justine Gray 5-Maria Rojas 1-Kristen Linde GOU 12/2/06 63-55 W 15-Kristen Linde 10-Kristen Linde 4-Justine Gray 2-Justine Gray 2-Kristen Linde Jackie DeBorg Jackie DeBorg at Hood College 12/04/06 72-45 W 16-Jackie DeBorg 10-Kate Robinson 7-Maria Rojas 7-Maria Rojas 1-Kate Robinson at Marymount (Va.) 12/6/06 59-72 L 14-Maria Rojas 6-Shannon Mertz 5-Maria Rojas 2-Maria Rojas None STOCK 12/9/06 63-69 L 14-Kristen Linde 13-Kristen Linde 4-Jackie DeBorg 4-Maria Rojas 3-Kristen Linde SUS-W 12/30/06 55-49 W 20-Kristen Linde 9-Kristen Linde 5-Jackie DeBorg 4-Kate Robinson 2-Kristen Linde at Montclair State 01/02/07 65-38 W 18-Jackie DeBorg 9-Kristen Linde 4-Shannon Mertz 4-Maria Rojas 5-Kristen Linde Kristen Linde CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVE 1/4/07 62-55 W 22-Kristen Linde 5-Maria Rojas 3-Kelly Burke 3-Kristen Linde 1-Shannon Mertz Shannon Mertz Maria Rojas Jackie DeBorg Kristen Linde GCW 1/8/07 62-55 W 19-Jackie DeBorg 7-Maria Rojas 6-Maria Rojas 2-Maria Rojas 2-Kristen Linde Kristen Linde Jackie DeBorg YCP 1/13/07 64-73 L 20-Kristen Linde 6-Kristen Linde 2-Justine Gray 3-Maria Rojas 1-Justine Gray Justine Gray Maria Rojas Kristen Linde Shea Macdonal at Salisbury 01/17/07 56-51 W 18-Justine Gray 9-Kristen Linde 2-Emily McGlynn 4-Jackie DeBorg 2-Kristen Linde Jackie DeBorg Kristen Linde Shea Macdonal Maria Rojas GAL 1/20/07 57-41 W 19-Maria Rojas 7-Kate Robinson 6-Jackie DeBorg 8-Maria Rojas 2-Maria Rojas at Mary Washington 01/23/07 43-85 L 11-Kerrie Pokusa 4-Maria Rojas 1-Maria Rojas 3-Maria Rojas None Shannon Mertz Justine Gray at St. Mary's (Md.) 01/25/07 39-43 L 13-Maria Rojas 9-Kate Robinson 3-Shea Macdonal 7-Maria Rojas 1-Shannon Mertz Maria Rojas at Goucher 01/27/07 67-49 W 20-Jackie DeBorg 10-Shannon Mertz 4-Jackie DeBorg 4-Kate Robinson 1-Kerrie Pokusa Maria Rojas MARYMOUNT (VA.) 1/31/07 77-67 W 22-Jackie DeBorg 6-Jackie DeBorg 7-Maria Rojas 3-Justine Gray None Maria Rojas RMCW 2/5/07 68-63 W 22-Shannon Mertz 10-Kate Robinson 8-Maria Rojas 2-Maria Rojas 1-Shannon Mertz at York (Pa.) 2/8/07 60-76 L 17-Maria Rojas 5-Maria Rojas 3-Jackie DeBorg 4-Justine Gray None Maria Rojas SALISBURY 2/10/07 71-73 OL 20-Shannon Mertz 6-Kate Robinson 8-Maria Rojas 4-Kate Robinson 1-Jackie DeBorg Jackie DeBorg Maria Rojas at Gallaudet University 2/14/07 74-40 W 19-Jackie DeBorg 6-Shannon Mertz 5-Jackie DeBorg 4-Shannon Mertz 2-Kerrie Pokusa Kerrie Pokusa Maria Rojas MARY WASHINGTON 2/17/07 43-58 L 12-Shannon Mertz 6-Maria Rojas 5-Maria Rojas 3-Shea Macdonal None at Salisbury 02/20/07 69-75 L 19-Justine Gray 9-Shannon Mertz 5-Maria Rojas 3-Jackie DeBorg None