August 8, 2006

The Catholic University of America has concluded its investigation of the women's lacrosse team and the freshman initiation event that occurred during the spring 2006 semester. After interviewing members of the lacrosse team and carefully reviewing the facts, we have determined that team members engaged in regrettable activities that are contrary to the expectations we have for our students and to the values of the university.  As we communicated directly to the student-athletes in question, we are deeply disappointed by their actions, particularly for any embarrassment and humiliation which the freshmen being initiated may have experienced at the time and subsequent to the event.

In response to these findings, Catholic University has forfeited the three games from the spring 2006 season that the women's lacrosse team played after the incident occurred.  In addition, the team has been placed on probationary status for the 2006-2007 academic year.

As a university, we are resolved to apply the lesson that has been learned from this incident to the entire athletic program at Catholic University. At the start of the fall semester Father David O'Connell, our university president, and I will address all of the athletes who participate in CUA's sports programs to outline a zero tolerance policy for hazing and initiation activities. In addition, the university will conduct a series of educational sessions with student athletes and coaches to ensure that they understand fully the dangers associated with initiation activities.

We are hopeful that members of the women's lacrosse team have drawn the appropriate conclusions from this painful lesson and will move forward - as a team - in a way that models our core values and makes their families, fellow students and other members of the CUA community proud of them.