Pair of Cardinals spend spring break on service trips

Pair of Cardinals spend spring break on service trips

While most CUA students were relaxing at home or lying on the beach during spring break, two members of the women's track and field team decided to do something different this year. Madeline Holtz and Laura Kinley embarked on unforgettable weeklong service trips to Tacoma, Washington and Jamaica, respectively. The girls came back from their trips with lots of memories of meaningful experiences, from making new friends from around the world to helping the local people and exploring somewhere new.

Madeline Holtz is a freshman from Media, Pennsylvania. With intentions of joining the Peace Corps after graduation, Holtz thought it would be a good idea to test out the waters by going on a similar trip this spring break through Habitat for Humanity.

Holtz learned about the trip to Tacoma through a friend. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian Housing ministry that seeks to eliminate poverty and homelessness by building shelters in a number countries across the world. Holtz describes the trip as one of the best experiences she has ever had.  "I was able to see just how capable a group of college students are when we come together, and throughout the trip I met some people who influenced my outlook on life."

Laura Kinley, a sophomore from Jefferson, Maryland, had a similarly incredible spring break on her mission trip to Jamaica. Kinley says she wanted to go on the trip not only to help those living in poverty, but also to learn from them. "The greatest thing I took away from this experience was the smiles and determination of the people living in Jamaica. Their positive outlook and strong work ethic are inspirational to me." Kinley says her trip was an eye-opening experience, which made her realize just how thankful she is for her life here at home.

Kinley went on the mission trip that is run through Campus Ministry at CUA. She learned about the trip from students who have raved about past Campus Ministry trips. Following a lengthy application process, which includes an interview, only 16 students are chosen. However, Kinley considers the trip completely worth it. Her biggest piece of advice to someone considering a service trip would be to "Let your emotional guard down and be completely open to the people, culture and the feeling you are going to experience."

Story written by Tara Juliano '11