Hoopsville: Shaping the Season

Jan 13, 2017

As the season turns from the first to the second half, we are starting to see which teams are doing more than just getting off to good starts. Now conference races are starting to take shape and we get an idea of how the rest of the season may play out. On Thursday's edition of Hoopsville, Dave will chat with several coaches whose teams are either leading their conferences or in the battle for first place. Are these teams going to still be near the top come late February? What do they have to do to maintain their level of success. Dave even hit the road to Washington, DC to chat with several of his guests. Dave will also talk to a coach who now has the second-most wins in Division III history. Wooster's Steve Moore won his 787th (700th at Wooster) Wednesday night. Moore joins Dave in the NABC Coach's Corner to discuss the incredible milestone and all the milestons along the way. Hoopsville hits the air live at 7:00 PM ET. And don't forget about the Hoopsville Mailbag segment! Email us your questions and we will answer them on air tonight or on a future show. Guest appearences (in order): - Steve Moore, Wooster men's coach - NABC Coach's Corner - Kevin Kovacs, Gallaudet men's coach - Matt Donohue, Catholic women's coach - Chuck Winkelman, Calvin women's coach - Dale Wellman, Nebraska Wesleyan men's coach