Mission Statement

The Department of Athletics supports the academic mission of the University by providing programs and services to enable students to engage in physical activities as an integral part of the overall educational experience. Equal opportunities for male and female participation are provided at the intercollegiate, club and recreational levels.

Catholic University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division III, Landmark Conference, New England Women's & Men's Athletic Conference (football), and Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference. 

As a member of NCAA Division III, Catholic University adheres to the NCAA philosophy statement, places the highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience and the successful completion of academic programs by student-athletes, and upholds the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play, and ethical conduct.

The Department of Athletics seeks to provide programs and leadership to enable Catholic University to be a model NCAA Division III institution in academic and athletic excellence.

The Athletic Department seeks to:

  • Attract, recruit, develop, retain and contribute to the successful graduation of student-athletes
  • Develop and maintain a diverse, high quality and equitable intercollegiate program (currently in 25 sports)
  • Provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters integrity, respect and dedication to the highest standards in the performance of coaches, staff and student-athletes
  • Enhance and sustain opportunities and experiences for the physical growth and development of all students

Athletic Department Participation Statement
Catholic offers a wide variety of opportunities to participate in physical activities, including Division III varsity teams, club and intramural sports, and recreational activities.  Membership on varsity teams is competitive, determined by the coaches in accordance with NCAA and University rules, and is not considered a guaranteed right of students.  Membership in club sports is determined by the captain and advisor for each team and intramurals are available to all interested Catholic students. Participation in recreational activities is made available through normal registration procedures. 

Athletic activities at Catholic are conducted in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational well-being of students.  Academics and sportsmanship are important components of one's ability to participate in the athletic programs, which is considered a privilege and not a right of students. Students who believe that they have been discriminated against in any sport may file a grievance by following the university's discrimination complaint procedures.