Men's Soccer Juniors to Spend Semester Studying in Rome

Men's Soccer Juniors to Spend Semester Studying in Rome

WASHINGTON, DC Members of the Catholic University men's soccer team will be spending their off-season studying abroad as part of their academic studies as Division III student-athletes. Among those are junior midfielders Bradley Pierro and Andrew Laurenzano, who will both be studying in Rome, Italy this upcoming spring semester.

Pierro, an accounting major, wants to follow in the footsteps of his parents and become an accountant. He plans on taking the CPA exam after graduation. Laurenzano studies as a finance major with a minor in sports management. He would like to stay close to sports and work for a professional team's organization, or enter the hustle and bustle of Wall Street with his stock interests.

Pierro and Laurenzano both look forward to traveling while in Rome, seeing the sights and experiencing a new culture. Laurenzano has a few spots he'd like to see, including Spain and Prague. The Flushing, N.Y. native has also already bought tickets to see his favorite soccer team, Liverpool, play in England next spring. Pierro plans to travel to new countries and see many historical locations. Both noted how they had to stay on top of their academics to make this possible.

"I have made this trip possible by planning ahead and taking core accounting classes earlier so I could take my humanities courses while abroad," Pierro said. "I am very excited to be able to have this experience and would not trade it for anything."

"In my case, my grades have actually been better during the season, and I credit this to not having much free time," Laurenzano said. "In season I know I don't really have much time to push work back or anything like that, and that helps me in an unusual way."

The two midfielders were encouraged by previous teammates and coach Travis Beauchamp when making the decision to spend a semester abroad as a student-athlete. Pierro noted conversations with other players who have studied abroad to see how they managed it. Laurenzano credits his coach on making this possible for him.

"Coach Beauchamp has always encouraged us to take advantage of what the school has to offer, since one of the first times I spoke with him in his office as a recruit," Laurenzano said. "He told me about the study abroad program and how almost every year one of his players goes; that was a really big deal for me."